A Selection Of Client Projects

SafeSecure Reinforced Brick Cladding

Brick Clad Lintels and Shelf Angles

Brick clad lintel

Installed as quickly and easily as a standard lintel, our brick clad lintels allow a seamless transition from ‘facing brick work’ to integral soffit and lintel, faced in the same or contrasting brick.

Bulmer’s brick clad lintels are brick faced, bespoke, prefabricated ‘steel lintel or shelf angle’ units, fabricated in our factory to a high quality and tolerance. They are CE marked and provided with a DoP (declaration of performance) that includes the structural calculations for the site specific conditions.

We cut your selected brick material and resin bond them to the steel surface, mechanically securing every masonry piece in all situations.

The structural performance and bond strength of our brick clad lintels under accelerated weathering has been verified by Lucideon, a UKAS accredited testing laboratory.



Patent-pending mechanical reinforcement
Shelf angle rear view
Brick clad shelf angle








Great Suffolk Street, Southwark

This refurbishment and extension of a Victorian warehouse used high quality, crafted materials to complement the existing Victorian building.Two elevations of a two-storey extension to the warehouse featured Victorian style tiles under each window.

The designers were challenged to find a method for mechanically fixing these tiled panels which the SafeSecure® system achieved.

White Collar Factory, Old Street Yard EC1

The redevelopment of a corner site at Old Street / Silicon Roundabout included a tower and low-rise buildings.

The end elevations carried large steel ventilation ducts which were to be clad in brickwork to replicate the appearance of the wet laid facades. To ensure safety and retention of the cladding over the building design life, the ducts were clad in the SafeSecure® system using slips cut from the same brick type.

Hoxton Towers, Hackney

The two landmark Towers nestle between Shoreditch Park and the Regents Canal in Hackney, east London. Bulmer Brick Cutting Services are responsible for twelve of the fifteen brick related products being supplied and installed at these striking new tower blocks, as well as several ancillary items and fittings.