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Fully bonded structural arch with hidden stainless steel lintels

Reinforced Brick Cladding

SAFE SECURE®  Secure retention of facing bricks in all situations.

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brick claddingYour project can be enhanced by brick cladding panels designed to your specification, and manufactured to a high standard in a quality controlled environment.

Brick cladding provides a fast, cost effective way to get the look, texture and durability of traditional brick walling.

Brick wall panels are suitable for timber-frame, steel-frame and conventional masonry buildings, and are easily insulated pre- or post-fix.

Brick clad panels can be designed to blend with or complement any new build or refurbishment project through the use of brick and bonding patterns without compromising performance or build time. You can specify a wide range of clays, colours, textures and sizes to match all periods of architecture.

Brick cladding allows rapid assembly on-site without the need for specialist tradesmen. Brick wall panels also reduce on-site costs as well as allowing erection in most weather conditions.

Basic brick wall panelling is fabricated by securely bonding brick slips onto an approved substrate board using industrial epoxy adhesive in a quality controlled environment using your specified brick type & brick pattern.

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Bulmer Brick Cutting has created enhancements to the basic brick paneling which can be securely used in specific locations and situations such as in curtain wall brickwork, public areas and above ground floor level:

Stainless steel framed brick cladding panels

Provides a fast, safe, simple solution to traditional brickwork. The bespoke brick wall panel is securely bonded to a purpose made stainless steel carrier frame using epoxy resin. The frame can then be built into the main elevation or curtain wall brickwork and is ready for pointing.

safe secure reinforced brick claddingSAFE SECURE® - reinforced brick cladding panels (patent pending GB1519456.6)

SAFE SECURE® (patent pending) ensures the secure retention of facing bricks allowing horizontal and vertical use in curtain walling and at height in public areas. The addition of a 'top hat' stainless steel section interlocks with the slotted bricks to provide the ultimate security in the event that the conventional high strength epoxy mortar should fail during the 60 year design life.

Both the basic panel and these enhancements have an anticipated design life of up to 60 or more years, depending upon the installation standard and the exposure conditions.

The structural performance of these brick cladding systems has been verified by a UKAS accredited testing laboratory in accordance with the following standards:
• BS8200 & ISO 7892 (soft and hard body impact)
• ETAG 034 & ETAG 004 (accelerated weathering, brick slip bonding)

The UKAS accredited test results validates these brick cladding systems as suitable for incorporation into NHBC approvals.