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Fully bonded structural arch with hidden stainless steel lintels

Reinforced Brick Cladding

SAFE SECURE®  Secure retention of facing bricks in all situations.

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reinforced brick cladding systemOur SAFE SECURE® brick cladding system (patent pending GB1519456.6) ensures the secure retention of facing bricks allowing horizontal and vertical use in curtain walling and at height in public areas.

Safe Secure - Reinforced brick cladding systemThe addition of a 'top hat' stainless steel section interlocks with the slotted bricks to provide the ultimate security in the event that the conventional high strength epoxy mortar should fail during the 60 year design life.

The benefits of the SAFE SECURE® system include:

  • The ultimate in safety and security of the brick facing
  • Tight control of construction tolerances through quality off-site manufacture
  • Rapid on-site installation with increased quality standards
  • Tried and tested brick fabricator
  • Full flexibility in brick type and bond pattern
  • Cost effective compared to other cladding systems
  • Fixed price quotations for duration of contract
  • Total client/contractor control during installation
  • Eliminates costly delays due to casting or design errors with Precast Concrete solutions

reinforced brick cladding panel - Safe Secure System
Our SAFE SECURE® brick cladding system can be used horizontally or vertically in environments which were previously difficult to design safely or cost effectively in brick.

The photos show the SAFE SECURE® reinforced panel attached to a purpose made ladder bracket support for attachment to the building structure.

The drawing below shows the attachment details for each cladding brick. The epoxy mortar binding brick to cement particle board is not shown.

To find out more about SAFE SECURE® email or call 01787 269132.

details of reinfoced brick cladding system Safe Secure