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Fully bonded structural arch with hidden stainless steel lintels

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Bekynton Field is the largest new development at Eton College since it was founded.

The £19 million development includes 40 new classrooms for modern languages, economics and politics, as well as a lecture theatre and exhibition space.

It features conservation-grade brickwork as well as stonework features and more than 80 brick arches.

Designed by architect Michael Simpson of John Simpson Architects & Partners Ltd in the neoclassical style, it is one of the few areas of the College that required renewal rather than conservation and was designed to blend in with the historic environment. The main contractor was Feltham Construction with the bricklaying undertaken by Lee Marley. Bulmer were commissioned by Feltham's Technical Consultant Ian Gilmore who had not been able to get satisfactory responses from any of the tendering brick suppliers or brick cutters.

Feltham Construction commissioned Bulmer Brick Cutting to produce 28 of the more complicated arches in a total of 88 arches for three buildings.  The brief was to replicate a ‘thick wall’ appearance while working in a thin wall building with a cavity and structural frame behind.

Every masonry component was mechanically secured as well as epoxy resin bonded in position. Bulmer Brick Cutting commissioned Exescodo Design Ltd to develop the detailed drawings required for approval and manufacture.

For all these arches, individual brick voussoirs were machine cut to a tight tolerance, bonded into fabricated laser cut and welded stainless steel trays and pointed and delivered for onsite assembly into the completed arches. The stainless steel lintels and backing trays were fabricated by Harvey Steel lintels. Polystyrene formers were supplied for the on site installation by Cordek Ltd.

The arches shown above and to the left form a vaulted walk-through between two of the new buildings at the college. Lower left is shown a link arch in red brick. This is to the left of the entrance to the walk-through shown above.

This double arch was the first to be commissioned.  It comprises an inner segmental concave arch, with an outer flat segmental arch incorporating a concave soffit.  Each pre-fabricated voussoir unit was formed from bespoke bricks of large dimension and accurate curved faces (1), cut to a very high tolerance to match the curves in two directions. The voussoir units were bonded into stainless steel backing trays and pre-pointed in lime mortar. The steel trays were then back filled with concrete before delivery to site for installation on the purpose made laser profiled formers.

Special brick shapes by WH Collier Ltd, Marks Tey, Essex

Featured Clients

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

After a  decade-long transformation the Midland Grand hotel, the Victorian palace attached to St Pancras station, was returned it to its original luxury in 2011.

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital

The hospital was completed in 1890 and remained as a hospital until 2000.

After lying derelict, it was repaired and refurbished for its current use as part of the Unison Centre.

Tate 2 Extension

A new development project to the south of the existing building will transform Tate Modern.

This 11 storey pyramidal stack is surprisingly a glass clad building with a brick façade supported on a metal exoskeleton 200mm from the glass cladding.

Draycott House, Chelsea

This fine example of carved brickwork is for Draycott House in Chelsea. Bulmer Brick Cutting prepared and supplied the fully washed rubbers, and shared the bricklaying role for the fine jointed ashlar work with the brick carvers, Daniel Mundy and colleagues.

Kew Gardens Library and Herbarium

structural steel brick lintelsThe Library is an impressive timber and brick clad facade around a precast concrete frame. Bulmer Brick Cutting were asked to design and supply the massive 12m hidden steel lintels to the large glass entrance and windows.

Jafar Hall, Eton College

This award winning project features conservation grade brickwork as well as stonework features and more than 80 brick arches for which Bulmer Brick Cutting produced 28 of the more complicated arches.