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Reinforced Brick Cladding

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cant bricks

Brick re-facing can be achieved using coloured epoxy adhesives and kiln-fired sands to match colour. This popular method produces very low-cost and quickly produced brick specials for simple plinth, canted, and profiled shapes.

Refaced Brick Specials, Plinths & Cants

Re-facing is a solution to the long manufacturing lead-times for machine-made special shapes. A standard facing is cut to shape, e.g. a plinth stretcher. It is then coated with a thin layer of coloured epoxy resin. While still tacky, the resin is then dusted with sieved, kiln-fired sand or original sand from the brick surface. When cured, the epoxy resin secures the sand to the new face of the brick special.

This process is appropriate for string or plinth courses only. However, we would always advise the purchase of moulded special shapes from the manufacturer, where possible, and when time allows.