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Fully bonded structural arch with hidden stainless steel lintels

Reinforced Brick Cladding

SAFESECURE®  Secure retention of facing bricks in all situations.

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structural brick archThe fully bonded structural brick arch system with hidden stainless steel lintels provide the most robust structural support while meeting all the requirements of Building Control.

Structural calculations are supplied with your arch lintels allowing full compliance with current Building Regulations. Prior to your order drawings for each arch style or span, are issued for the approval of your design engineers and advisors. The project only moves to production when all the detail is agreed and confirmed.

When all factors such as cost, ease of handling, simple installation, quality of finish, longevity and aesthetic ‘kerb appeal’ are considered, these arches, either flat, segmental or semicircular, are seen as a more attractive solution than many others options, including brick clad concrete or thin brick slip composite alternatives.

Benefits of Brick Cutters Arch System

  • Safe and speedy installation
  • These arches are significantly lighter than precast concrete and brick fabrications of a similar length; medium spans can easily be lifted by two people
  • Each arch lintel has purpose-built lifting lugs for site handling by hand, crane or forklift
  • The brick arch is self-supporting while building in and removes the need for temporary support
  • The Steel lintel protects the brickwork from impact during transport and storage
  • The highly durable arch is fabricated traditionally from whole bricks (not slips or pistols), removing the risk of sections falling off over time
  • Bonded brickwork is structural and acts as a traditional arch even without the steel lintel
  • When fabricated as a single skin lintel there is no cold bridge between inner and outer walls
  • The single skin lintel avoids the stress between inner and outer leaf reducing the tendency for deformation or cracking of internal finishes.
  • Simple arrangements for damp proofing and cavity insulation
  • The brick soffit is fully visible and no steel is seen on the face elevation or soffit. Ideal for use with traditional box sash widows or feature arches with deep exposed soffits
  • Full structural calculations are available for every design meeting the needs of your Building Control officer

Single Skin Arch Lintels.

The most economical solution for flat & segmental arch lintels is a single skin option. The inner leaf or inner masonry (thick or solid wall construction) can be supported with a standard box lintel or precast concrete solution, whilst the outer brickwork is supported in the hidden steel lintel.

Cavity Wall Arch Lintels.

These lintels support both the inner and outer leaf on a modern cavity wall. Due to variations in design it is important to specify clearly the dimensions of the cavity wall section and the style of the frame under, behind or within the opening.

Full Drawings and Design Calculations

Our arches are designed to achieve the structural support required and to meet building regulations. Full drawings and design calculations for your structural arch lintel design are available for submission to Building Control.

Structural Arch Projects

Jafar Hall, Eton College

This award winning project features conservation grade brickwork as well as stonework features and more than 80 brick arches for which Brick Cutters produced 28 of the more complicated arches.

Kew Gardens Library and Herbarium

structural steel brick lintelsThe Library is an impressive timber and brick clad facade around a precast concrete frame. Brick Cutters was asked to design and supply the massive 12m hidden steel lintels to the large glass entrance and windows.

Granary Wharf Chelsea

This prestigious development in Lots Road, Chelsea features structural segmental brick arch lintels supplied with calculations to meet building control regulations.

St Pancras Station

brick archesWest Elevation arches were set out & hand cut at Brick Cutters' workshops. The project won 4 titles and high praise from Judges at the 2006 Brick Awards. The Renaissance Hotel was completed in 2010 in similar style and quality.

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

After a  decade-long transformation the Midland Grand hotel, the Victorian palace attached to St Pancras station, was returned it to its original luxury in 2011.

Kings Cross Station

The 1852 Grade 1 listed station has been completely refurbished and massively expanded whilst the station remained open for business. Brick Cutters designed & supplied large span brick arch lintels with hidden structural support that could be man handled into position without crane access.

Bekynton Field, Eton College

Bekynton Field is the largest new development at Eton College since it was founded.

The £19 million development includes 40 new classrooms for modern languages, economics and politics, as well as a lecture theatre and exhibition space.

It features conservation-grade brickwork as well as stonework features and more than 80 brick arches.